HACCP System

Anferjo’s objective is to increase the safety and, consequently, the quality of the processo of the European anchovy. To reach this objective, the company has set up the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

This management system identifies and assesses any potential risks that may appear in the operation. Anferjo has the necessary product control measures for all these potential risks and the corrective measures.

To accomplish this task, Anferjo’s team includes a specialist who is responsible for conducting periodic inspections.

The continuous control’s to which Anferjo’s European anchovies are subject include: cleaning, disinfestation, disinfection and water controls.

Preservation process

Logistics are very important for the entire process. Anferjo has cold-storage trucks that keep the freshly-fished anchovies at the optimum temperature, allowing the final product to arrive fresh, independently of its origin.

The European anchovies are treated naturally, retaining their original essence and free from artificial elements such as preservatives, dyes or bleaches.

Once packaged, our logistics team assures that the product reaches you quickly, conserving all the freshness of the first day.

European anchovies in vinegar, garlic, and pickled. Ready for you, so you can taste these unique and excellent seafood delicacies.

In our quest to offer the best service and as part of the continuous effort we make to adapt to each new context, we have updated our brand: I caught you (spanish: Te pesqué"). This redesign is part of our policy to keep up to date with the latest trends and our customers’ preferences.

With "Te pesqué", the consumer has a premium quality product in their kitchen, a product designed to look after their diet and health. With our wide range of presentations, customers can tailor their needs with new packaging, as well as customizing the packaging itself with, for example, the brand of the customer’s company.

Additionally, Anferjo can offer European anchovies in bulk, as well as salted seasonal anchovies.