The European Anchovy

The European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) is a forage fish somewhat related to the herring. Anchovies are placed in the family Engraulidae.

It is easily distinguished by its deeply-cleft mouth, the angle of the gape being behind the eyes. The pointed snout extends beyond the lower jaw. The fish resembles a sprat in having a forked tail and a single dorsal fin, but the body is round and slender. The maximum length is 8 1/8 in (205 mm).

European anchovies are abundant in the Mediterranean and formerly also the Black and Azov seas.


Spain is, after Japan, the country with the highest fish consumption in the world. And, together with Japan, one of the countries with the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease.

The consumption of fish, and in particular of oily fish, makes a positive contribution to our overall health. Its fatty acids, omega-3s, help to protect our arteries. Moreover, oily fish is essential for women during pregnancy.

An easy, comfortable and healthy way to eat oily fish is in tinned form. We are thus able to enjoy this type of fish whenever we want and at any time, anywhere.

Spain has a significant and traditional tinning industry. In the past few years, tinned fish has become a stable product in the consumer’s shopping basket.

Thanks to advances within the industry, the consumption of tinned fish is now covered by complete quality guarantees; the industrial process does not alter its nutritional composition, so it retains all its vitamins and minerals intact.

It is for these reasons that governments, institutions and food and nutrition experts alike recommend the consumption of tinned fish as part of our daily diet.

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