Anferjo is a Spanish company located in Valencia on the Mediterranean Coast, which is specialized in fresh anchovies (Spanish: Boquerones). With over half a century of history, Anferjo offers fresh anchovies in three tasty flavours: Vinegar, Oil & Garlic and Valencian Sauce (with Vinegar and Capsicum).

Since we started as Primo Guio Agudo (Conservas Guío), we have maintained and given importance to the familiar tradition of the company, working always to offer a product with best quality and traditional flavour.

Our anchovies are so valued because of their quality, their superb flavour and their freshness. The fresh fish arrives to Anferjo from the most important ports in Spain and is cleaned and prepared immediately in order to preserve all its properties and freshness. This process is done the traditional way, without adding any artificial ingredients or additives as preservatives or food dyes.

This exclusive and traditional process is very valued on the market and makes Anferjo fulfil highest food quality standards.


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